Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WOW its been how long?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Holy cow!! Its been ALONG time since I posted anything! As most of you know I got a new job "DREAM JOB" I'm livin the high life of a flight attendant for SkyWest and LOVING every minute of it. I have already got to go to some cool places like Winnipeg and London Ontario Canada I have also spent a night in Tuscan AZ, Albuquerque NM, Springfield MO, Colorado Springs CO, Atlanta GA and Aspen CO. Tonight I'm back in Colorado Springs and as of right now tomorrow night ill sleep in Rochester MN and then Thursday night in Fargo ND. I was gonna do a catch up post and post some pictures but when I went to get my memory card adapter thing it wasn't there.... its in Utah so ill put pictures up soon! Just thought I would do a little update while I had a minute.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girls little trip

While there sisters were playin volleyball at Provo High I took them to the little store in Provo. They had so much fun dressing up in all the AWESOME hats and just had to accessorize with the purses and scarfs!

They are so dang cute.

Carlee, Chelsie, Liza and Elle

They were so funny to watch as they picked different things.


And so CUTE

Liza and Elle found this cool hat on our way out!

Elle with the sweet hat on!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Brooklyns 4th Birthday

Brooklyn wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese again this year so we did.

Brooklyn and Chuck E.

Andrea Brayden Brooklyn and Nikki waiting for this game to start...

Brayedn loved hitting the things (I think they were sharks)

Aaron and Andrea are in trouble already... Brooklyn already loves driving! She is good though she wouldn't even take her eyes off the road for a picture LOL

Brayden would have been happy and content all night at the skee ball game. He even got to where he could through 2 balls at the same time

Nikki's friend Heidi and her little girl Halle came and played with us also

Brooklyn was so good at this water gun thing. She is already to go hunting with her dad!
Brayden is so funny, for some reason things/rides that move scare him. This was taken before we put the token in

And this one is him telling us to get him off as soon as it started to move.
We had a great time HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN!!!! Love you TONS

St. George (again)

We took a quick little trip to St.George to watch Salem Hills and Spanish Fork volleyball play.

Brayden looking in my purse for treats LOL he already know that I always have something for him (gum, candy, treats)

Brooklyn was exhausted and cuddled up to mommy and the baby (Britton)

Spanish made it to the championship game so while we were sitting there they started to pull the tape off the ground and Brooklyn and Brayden thought that it looked like fun so they were the helpers and helped do the whole gym!

I just LOVE this little girl SO much. I cant even imagine life without her.

They were such good helpers and had so much fun doin it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ultimate Pig Wrestlers!! BaCoN hAtErS

For Onion Days this year the Wride, Troyer and Hadlock family arrange to have pig wrestling. It was so awesome and we cant wait to do it again next year!

this is right after we got out or the ring LOL I did a little dive at the end and got a mouth and eye full and so thats whats up with the face (im tryin to not puke for the picture)
We won these little trophies for best dressed WE ROCK!!
We were the Bacon Haters

We decided the night before that we wanted shirts so we ran to Wal Mart and made shirts oh good memories.

Enjoy the video LOL we had great time even though we didnt get the pig in the can :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Andrea was sweet enough to agree to go to Ikea with me to look for some house stuff. The kids did great.

Brayden is into trains and cars right now so we found him the train play table thing and he LOVED it.

Brooklyn even played on it till we made them leave.

The only way we could get Brayd away was to let him hold a set that Andrea ended up buying.

They found this canopy bed and thought it was the coolest thing ever hahaha to be a little kid again.

Painting the kitchen!!!

Me Nikki and 2 friends moved into a town home over in Springville and it was ALL one color (likd off white creamish) so Amber came over to help me add some color YEAH. We did the kitchen RED and the front room a light brownish color (those pictures coming soon)

Amber begining the painting.

Just us starting.

The finished product what do you think?? I personally LOVE IT. Amber is an amazing painter and person. THANK YOU so much Amber for all your help!